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An accomplished and multi-talented artist, Nina Cutrone has extensive studies and training in voice, piano and music theory.  She is a graduate of the music program at York University and a Royal Conservatory of Music teacher.  Nina is also a registered Early Childhood Educator and Ontario Teacher.


Nina’s range and delivery makes her a sought after and well-respected vocalist, both live and in the studio.​  As a performer, Nina has been singing professionally since the age of 12, beginning her career in her father’s wedding band.  Throughout her career, she has released a number of records in North America and Europe and performed with internationally known artists on some of the world’s biggest stages. 

She is the founder and creator of the Music 4 Kids program and has been teaching private and group lessons for over 15 years.


As an educator, Nina’s uses the “Music Mindfulness Mastery Method” which incorporates musical props, mindfulness practice and educational tools which enable her to make the learning experience fantastical and fun for young children.  Her dual perspective of being a qualified children’s educator and being a professional performer makes Nina’s skills and teaching style unique.  

Impressive vocal ability, great stage presence, an inspiring educator –

That’s Nina Cutrone!

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